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Getting Started: Video Poker for Beginners 

At Cafe Casino, we are committed to offering the best when it comes to iGaming. We work in togetherness with notable game suppliers in the online gaming world. If you are a newbie, you don’t have to fret as you can easily get the hang of it. Our poker games are fair and tested, and they are designed for all levels of players; this is why you should give our video poker choice a try.

What Is Video Poker? 

If you are a regular visitor at an online casino, you would have come across this game. It is a fixed-odd game that has to do with five card draws. One factor that differentiate this game from slot is that it has an element of skill involved. Therefore, you have to be skillful to emerge the winner. 

The Main Rules 

The game has different variants, but these games are subject to a similar rule. As a starter,  knowing the rules of the game is the first step towards becoming an excellent player. Therefore, you should endeavor to learn the basic rules that will guide you while playing the game. Here are the basic rules of the games

  • You have five starting cards to commence the game; 
  • As a player, you have the privilege to discard or hold your cards; 
  • Each card you discarded will be substituted in a random draw; 
  • You emerge the winner if your hand matches the poker hands that qualify you to win. 

The Basic Strategy of Each Game 

We will examine the basic technique required to excel in the game. 

Jacks or Better 

Here are some of the key strategies that will enable you to boost your winning chances: 

  • Hold all the four cards you have and draw once you have four to a flush or a straight;
  • Hold and draw three to a royal flush if you have one;
  • If you have three cards to a straight flush, you should hold the cards; 
  • Hold any pair dealt with you and draw three cards; 
  • Draw five new cards if you don’t have any of the above. 

 Deuces Wild  

Follow the technique enumerated below to shine in the game:

  • Hold all cards in case you are dealt four deuces; 
  • Hold all cards if you are dealt with three deuces and you have a five of kind or royal flush;
  • Keep the paying hands if you have no deuces; 
  • Continue to pay hands if you are dealt with only one deuce unless you have up to four cards to a royal flush or straight flush.  

Video Poker vs. Table Poker  

It takes someone who has been playing online games for quite a while to give a clear cut difference between the two. Video Pokers do not require you to play against anyone who is more skillful. Thus, it is less demanding.  

Furthermore, table poker involves playing against an opponent, thereby encouraging competition and socialization. You can play with acquaintances, family members, and friends.   

Video Poker For Advanced Players 

Our platform is designed to accommodate players who have what it takes to play at an advanced level. Our poker variants are ideal for gamers who are on top of their games. You can always secure a spot for yourself by improving on your skill.  

Video Poker Strategies 

As mentioned earlier, this game is not wholly luck dependent, gamers must be equipped with the right technique to enable them win.

Video Poker Hand Analyzer

Here are the procedure that will enable use this technique effectively:

  • Select the category of game you wish to play;
  • Choose your preferred title; 
  • Enter or modify the play table; 
  • Proceed to the selection of hand; 
  • Pick your preferred cards; they must be up to five
  • Once you are through, the result shows below the hand. 
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