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The Cafe Casino’s text describes the transaction process agreement between you and a casino. We care about our users, thus it’s highly recommended to read carefully every statement listed below. We act in our users’ interests and want you to be aware of your opportunities and rights when using our online casino database. Remember that utilizing the electronic financial transactions service, as a rule, you automatically agree and accept the terms and conditions listed below.

Keep in mind that the e-cash system is not as secure as a bank deposit account so it doesn’t provide any insurance. A casino system works through an online electronic clearinghouse and e-cash ownership verification services that make it possible to complete transactions via the Internet or call centers. The agreement applies to all transactions between a user, other financial institutions, and merchants on the Internet.

It is an Agreement between US e-cash company and a user. It covers only the financial part of casino services, such as Deposits and Withdrawals.

A user is not allowed to provide any modifications, additions, deletions, and changes to such agreement. In the case of violation, a casino may take action.

Conditions and Provisions

The set of the following conditions and provisions are valid unless it’s been modified, amended, or restated. As soon as you start using casino electronic financial services, you give your consent to their Agreement. Make sure that you are familiar with the statements listed below:

  1. The terms that are mentioned in this Agreement have to keep the exact meanings that are provided below.
  2. Modifications. The terms or policies of the Agreement may be updated from time to time either partially or fully. It’s the user’s responsibility to make sure that they check the Agreement on a regular basis and stay updated. It’s prohibited to use previous deals, trades, or extrinsic evidence with the intention to modify any terms or statements listed. Keep in mind that employees, officers, or agents of e-cash processing company are not allowed to make any changes to such Agreement while explaining it to you verbally.
  3. Transactions with merchants. By making transactions with merchants, you agree and accept that casino e-cash processing company is not responsible for any damage, loss, or expenses that happened as a result of this transaction. A casino e-cash processing company meets operational, banking, and business standards. Yet, we don’t guarantee, endorse, or insure any products or services that take place in the third-party system. It’s your personal responsibility to make sure that the transactions meet all the necessary standards.
  4. System operation rules and fee schedule changes. A casino e-cash processing company will provide you with all the necessary materials and instructions according to the rules of operation and fee schedules. However, if a casino considers the necessity of any modifications in order to provide you with better services and optimize the work of a System, it will update the materials. As a rule, e-cash processing company reserves the right to have a separate set of instructions for Call Center Service and Internet Service.

    To stay updated, re-read the materials on a regular basis because using casino services you automatically agree to follow such rules. Each e-cash processing company reserves the right to make any changes in the System Rules of Operation, fee schedule, and any instructions at any time. We’re not obliged to notify you. In any case, the terms of such Agreement supersede any instructions and rules that are connected to the System’s operations.
  5. Transaction corrections. Neither you nor third-party company has the right to make alterations upon receiving notification of the transaction’s completion. If you or the System detect any error in the transaction, a casino may then begin to initiate a reversal or correction of the transaction. Upon your written request to a customer support live chat or System’s own initiative, a casino company will attempt to make corrections in the transaction where an error was discovered. No e-cash processing company is liable to you for any request that may be unfulfilled. If a request is to be fulfilled, you will be obliged to release a company from any liabilities and claims pertaining to or resulting from the transaction in question. You agree to allow the System to unilaterally rectify any mistake automatically if it discovers any errors in the transaction. You will be notified by email regarding any changes or adjustments that have been made.
  6. Services. Any entry received after regular business hours, weekends, or holidays will not be responded to immediately but whenever regular business hours commence again. If you want to use an automated service, it’s available around the clock unless there are unforeseen technical issues.
  7. Transfers registration. You consent to not transfer the ownership of any e-cash value units without first registering such transfers in a System. It will help a casino record every transaction accurately.
  8. Limitations of Liability and Indemnification. You acknowledge that any transactional fees are reasonable for the services provided for such transactions, which will always be handled professionally and in a workmanlike manner.


    Generally, an e-cash processing company is not liable for any third-party claims, indirect or incidental damages whether in case there’s a mistake in a contract (including fundamental breach) or tort (including negligence), strict liability or other legal theory. It also includes damages for procurement of substitute goods, services or technology, damages for pure economic loss, loss or corruption of data, loss of business or profits, or for legal fees and disbursements, even if you inform them in advance.

    These rules apply to any claim in respect of their Agreement. It includes a casino provision of services or refusal to serve, any action or inaction related to Services or System of a casino. In addition to that, an e-cash processing company is not liable for loss or damage that happened as a result of the work of their System. It doesn’t matter if such a delay or failure was caused by a natural disaster, electrical or computer failure, failure of communication facilities, limitation of applicable statute or regulation, war or insurrection, unclear instructions, or any fraud or action of any entity or person or any other cause that is out of an e-cash processing company’s reasonable control.

    Using a Casino Service, you agree that any claim or action that you may have against an e-cash processing company under or with respect to their Agreement will be brought no later than one (1) year from the date of an event when this claim took place and you waive any claims that were not made during this period. You also agree to completely hold a company harmless from any damage, liability, loss, cost, or expense (including legal fees and charges) incurred as a result of or related to your breach of such Agreement or your actions in connection with the Service or the System.
  9. Termination of the Agreement. You may terminate such Agreement at any time except some of the statements mentioned above. Their e-cash processing company may also terminate the Agreement at any time.
  10. Information Disclosure. You confirm that you are familiar with and fully understand the following Services: the process of e-cash or currency transactions. These services have accounting purposes only and do not actually represent the transfer of e-cash itself. The System is designed to verify the data, transfer e-cash from you to the recipient directly, and record these transfers as well. The E-cash System is not sponsored, guaranteed, endorsed, or insured by any government or any agency thereof. You can easily access a casino System via the Internet. If you make a transaction, you have to know that your e-cash is not insured and is held directly by you. The System only provides a clearinghouse and makes records of the transactions. As soon as you purchase e-cash, the transaction is complete. The Casino is responsible for keeping track of your transactions and verifying ownership.
  11. Costs, Expenses, and Interest. You agree to pay all costs and expenses associated with the Agreement or related to the protection, enforcement, or determination of rights, remedies, or security interests, including legal fees and interest for: (i) enforcing or attempting to enforce any rights and remedies, including representation in any insolvency, receivership, or bankruptcy proceedings; (ii) obtaining advice, counsel, and assistance on any disputed matters involving such Agreement; and (iii) collecting currency due under such Agreement.
  12. Nature of Relationships. The relationship between You and an e-cash processing company under such Agreement and any related matters shall constitute a business relationship as independent contractors and shall not at any time directly or indirectly constitute a fiduciary relationship. You can not assign anybody acting on your behalf under an Agreement without the prior written consent of an e-cash processing company. The company disclaims any responsibility that may arise if an unauthorized assignee acts on your behalf. Agreement acts in the interests of an e-cash processing company, its successors, and assigns. A company usually reserves the right to assign this Agreement to any party without restrictions or prior notice to you.
  13. Personal information. The System asks you to provide certain information before you are able to enter into the system and make transactions on their website. It’s a simple form that you need to fill out in order to sign up on the site. It includes your name, date of birth, phone number, currency, and e-mail address.
  14. Age restrictions and legitimacy requirements. In order to use e-cash services, you must verify that you are over the age of 18 or, if your region has a higher age restriction, that you have reached that age and you can confirm your identity as represented in all applicable documentation. You shall not grant permission to any minor to use e-cash services for any reason at any time. You hereby acknowledge that you are solely responsible for not allowing anybody else to perform a login to your account in order to use e-cash services. You also agree to keep your Account information confidential. Any unauthorized use of your Account ID will be automatically considered as yours, thus it’s your personal responsibility to make sure that only you have access to your account information. Keep in mind that you use such System in personal interest, not a professional one. You agree that in case you provide incorrect information that is required during the process of transactions, the Agreement is no longer valid and all transactions from your account will be cancelled by the e-cash processing company. You are responsible for any damage or costs that could have been made as a result of such a misstatement. If you lose your account privileges due to misrepresentation, fraud, or purchase disputes, an e-cash processing company reserves the right to refuse to provide services, terminate your account, and delete all your transactions immediately.
  15. You agree that you will provide a signed Credit Card Verification Agreement along with requested documentation, authorizing your credit card purchases, before a payout can be made, or if requested at any time.
  16. All credit card purchases are checked with the credit card issuing bank. In case the bank can’t confirm your identity and required information, all your transactions will be considered invalid, WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS. So, it is highly recommended to use your own credit card. In addition to that, a company reserves the right not to process e-cash transactions or cancel them for anybody who doesn’t provide the required minimum of personal information that’s needed only to confirm your identity.
  17. Keep in mind that the credit card issuing bank is responsible for determining the way a transaction is processed, which may cause the situation that some transactions are being processed as cash advances. This is beyond a casino control. It is at the bank’s discretion to deal with transactions, which they consider high risk in such a manner and a casino cannot be held responsible for any fees resulting from transactions processed as cash advances. Your bank may charge you with an International Service or Currency Conversion Fee for any transaction made with an international merchant using your Visa debit or check card. Please note that the merchant does not collect these fees or benefits in any way, and thus you will be responsible to cover the additional cost if there’s any.
  18. Copyright. Please note that any e-cash processing company or its related companies are the owner of all worldwide copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights related to theirs System, including all software programs, images, photographs, animations, video, audio, music, and text incorporated therein. It’s prohibited to copy, publish, or redistribute any of such materials.
  19. If your utilization of their System and Services caused any damage, unforeseen liabilities, costs, and expenses to the e-cash processing company or its subsidiaries, you’re obliged to reimburse it all.
  20. Any and all uncollected purchases or delinquent accounts are subject to 3rd party credit reporting and collections.
  21. All transactions are displayed on the screen when you are using such System on the website. Keep in mind that in the case of any inconsistency between the amount of your e-cash on-screen display and the System’s records, the System ones will be correct.
  22. E-cash withdrawals and transfers. If the transactions are made online, the operation doesn’t require a signature. That is the reason why every e-cash processing company reserves the right to request you to provide additional information, including but not limited to the Withdrawal and Transfer Agreement, at any time during the relationship. In case you refuse or are not able to complete this form, it may lead to their further refusal to provide you with the services. They may request your personal information only to prevent your transactions and account information from fraud. Be sure that our partners will never sell, share, or expose your personal information to any third party, only a companys’ management has access to this information. We can share this information only if it’s required by the law.
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