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There are about 200 games in Café Casino database, and 18 of them are jackpot-based. You can win from $1K up to $1M. The opportunity to trigger such a massive payout makes jackpot games fun for all types of players. Besides, our casino guide offers a welcome match bonus of up to $1,000. This should give you more chances of exploring new entertainment, or honing your strategy to make it to the list of big winners. 

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Online Jackpot Games

Our casino guide reveals many entertainment options that may bring you a hefty jackpot. These include slots, bingo, roulette, and poker. You can access them via either a desktop or mobile.

What is the Jackpot?

Jackpot is basically a top prize in a game or contest. It is usually a large sum of money. 

The highest-paying type of game is a progressive jackpot slot. Now, the top 3 picks as to Café Casino are Shopping Spree with $800,000+, Cyberpunk City with $120,000+, and 777 Deluxe with $85,000+. 

Progressive jackpots tend to grow with each bet, so the final payout is dynamic. You can win a random jackpot at the end of any game, which is paid out regardless of your bet size.

What are the main rules to play Jackpot?

Cafe Casino Club recommends the following types of jackpot-paying games — slots, bingo, roulette, and video poker. Each has different playing rules.

  • In order to enjoy casino slots, you’ll need to perform a login to your account and have money deposited. Slots consist of several reels, rows, and paylines. There are symbols that make up winning combinations. Once you trigger one, you get a prize. The minimum bet in slots is often around $0.20 per spin. 
  • Bingo is familiar to many punters. The bingo ticket has a grid filled with numbers. The game system calls out different numbers randomly and some of them can match the numbers in the player’s ticket. Bingo has many winning patterns — vertical, horizontal, diagonal, etc. 
  • Roulette consists of red, black, and green numbered slots. Red and black numbers go from 1 to 36, while 0 is green. The roulette spin triggers a ball that may land in one of the slots. Before the round starts, players have to make bets on a particular number, group of numbers, or colors.  
  • Video poker is a variation of a classic 5-card draw game. To get the payout a player needs to collect a winning hand like Flush, Straight, Full House, etc.

What are the important tips to play Jackpot games?

  1. You should learn the basic playing strategy.
  2. You should use free bonuses provided by your casino.
  3. You should know when to stop.
  4. You should NOT chase your losses.
  5. You should check how often the jackpot is hit.

The Difference between Hot and Cold Machines

The terms “hot” and “cold” machines relate to slots. As a rule, the casino player himself/herself decides whether the slot is hot or cold.

  • Hot slot. When a slot brings a continuous win, it is believed to be hot. In simple terms, it is a synonym of profitable.
  • Cold slot. It is defined as one that makes it nearly impossible to win money at a specific moment. It does not matter whether you have an advanced gambling strategy, the cold slot will continuously exhaust your balance.

Slot machines are not made to be hot or cold. Players will inevitably have both winning and losing streaks. It all depends on luck. Slots are games of chance, the results of which are impossible to predict due to their RNG-based mechanics.

If you want to have fun while playing games in the comfort of your own home, then hurry up and sign up at Café Casino Club and we will pick up everything for you. No matter whether you are a resident of the USA or another country, the registration process will be the same. Provide your name, birthdate, mobile phone number, email, and address. Within a couple of minutes, you will be able to use the best casino in youyr region. Jump on!  

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